Our Business

Our Business

Japanese matching service for the world

nternational matching service utilizing Facebook that has 1000 million users.
We provide love opportunities and mutual understanding between different countries for everybody around the world. We would like to contribute to the increase in the marriage rate in Japan, including the international marriage as well.

Your photo is required

You are required to register your Facebook profile photo as your main photo.
Also, our service is based on Facebook account so that you can exchange your Facebook account to each other before the actual meeting for a safe and secure matching.

It starts when users have an interest towards each other

You can notify the person that you have an interest by just one click after seeing his/her profile.
Then, you can start to email each other if the person also has an interest towards you, so you do not have to waste any time to send email by mismatching.

24 hour monitoring by the customer center

The content you can freely type in will be pre-checked by our 24 hours a day service before it is posted.
Moreover, we provide 365 day service to act accordingly regarding reports from users.